Vertitube™ Vertical Air-Cooled Grow Light Systems

vertitube grow light systems

You wont find a better vertical light system for indoor vertical gardening - constructed of powder coated metal and 6" air cooled glass with 6 KV sockets. All Vertitube™ systems are built to work with our Hydrogon™ systems to make the ultimate hydroponic kit. Built with no exposed wiring, weather proof electrical boxes, water resistant covers and sealed cord restraint make our light tubes safe for foliar spraying. Our grow light tubes are built by hand and with pride to last and feature a 3 year warranty on all electrical parts.

  • Vertitube™ sections are interchangeable
  • Each Vertitube™ comes standard with a powder coated vented stand
  • Maintain optimal room temperatures by controlling your Vertitube exhaust fan speed
  • Vertitube™ operates cool to the touch when used with a minimum 600cfm fan - Only in extreme hot climate is cooling the intake air considered
  • Works with wide range of bulbs from compact fluorescent 95 watt to 1000 watt high pressure sodium

Vertitube™ 3L1000
The Vertitube™ 3L1000 is designed to accommodate three (3) 1000w lamps. The 3L1000 is designed for use with the Hydrogon. total height with 17" base is 90 7/8"

Vertitube™ 4L600
The Vertitube 4L600 is designed to accommodate four (4) 600w lamps. Total height with 14" base is 91 7/8".